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The Walla Walla Kennel Club was inducted as an American Kennel Club (AKC) Club on September 10, 1940 for individuals interested in AKC purebred dogs. The first dog show under the name Walla Walla Kennel Club was actually prior to being inducted into the AKC and was held in 1934. Our 100th dog show was held in 2016, and we continue to hold dog shows annually.  We are a non-profit organization focused to protect and advance the interests of purebred and mixed breed dogs, encourage sportsman-like conduct at performance and conformation competitions, and abide by the rules of the American Kennel Club. Our membership consists of hardworking people who keep this goal in mind. Please take your time to look around our website, feel free to contact contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in becoming a member.

100% Dog lovers

Everyone loves their dogs!  Come join the club and meet other dog enthusiasts!  

100% Fun

We often have fun events that the public can enjoy and attend with their dogs, regardless of registration.  Events like the Cousing Ability Test (CAT) and the Fast Cat are activities that dogs enjoy!  Dogs enjoy the game of chase!  During these events bags are pulled along the ground for distances up to 600 yards and dogs take chase!  

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